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Redwater International

“We are not the same”

Founded in 2022, We are Redwater International, a premier security sourcing firm dedicated to safeguarding the dynamic world of high net worth clients. Our mission is rooted in delivering unparalleled security solutions with a focus on discretion and professionalism. Comprising a team of seasoned professionals, our organization includes former police officers, elite special forces soldiers, expert executive protection agents, and three letter agency personnel.
We pride ourselves on the extensive experience and diverse skill sets of our personnel, ensuring a comprehensive approach to executive protection and event/venue security. Our commitment extends beyond standard practices; we integrate cutting edge strategies and continuous training to stay a step ahead in an ever evolving security environment. 
Our team is dedicated to ensuring life-saving techniques for the safety, security, and success of our clients, venues, and events. We stand as a formidable force, ready to meet the unique challenges presented in the dynamic environments of affluent and prestigious individuals.

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Our Story

We are an Independent private freelance SOURCING and training group.
I created Redwater as a place for veterans and former/active LEO’s to be a part of a community and help one another with jobs.
Our agents come from all around the world with various and different types of backgrounds.
We are available 24/7 to deploy internationally around the globe within 24-48hour notice.
We prefer candidates with beards and tattoos who “blend in”. We are a “gray man” professional organization. We operate in the shadows and are very discreet about our missions and clients. We operate like “fight club”. All our operatives go through an extensive screening and we work on a “vouch system”.

We staff through licensed security companies for Surveillance, private investigations, border operations, extraction missions, Executive Protection, PMC/PSD services, rescue and humanitarian operations for the US FED GOV/NGO’s, we provide elite protection agents to security companies for CEO’s, corporate companies, hostile terminations, U/HNWI’s, HVT’s, celebrities, and at risk individuals.

Redwater is a community, a brotherhood, and a way of life 🩸 
*All our agents are licensed in various states nationwide and self insured*

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We are an advertising/staffing agency who source clients with elite security operators. We’re proud to provide community members and all security companies with top-notch agents worldwide. Our clients love working with our agents, many of them returning as repeat customers. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.


Sourcing/Consulting and Training (CONUS/OCONUS)

Expert Service

Redwater Worldwide is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

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Meet the Team

Proud and Professional

Our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of Redwater Worldwide. Their ideas help shape the direction of our business as it continues to develop, and they have the wherewithal to get every job done right.

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”Joey” aka Shadow

CEO and founder

Disowned by my family for enlisting in the US Army at 18 and then later being kicked out of the Army (general discharge). I realized at an early age that I had to fend for myself and work twice as hard as everyone else to get where I wanted to be in life. I survived Homelessness, abandonment, prejudices, diseases, wars and bullets. This is where my story begins…
I have been a part of the GWOT (global war on terror) since the age of 18. Former DOD/DHS interpreter, prior TX Law Enforcement, FBI reject turned three letter agency private security contractor. Due to the nature of my work, past and present, much of the information is redacted due to OPSEC and NDA’s.
Also known as “Joey”. Palestinian/Lebanese,UAE born, Interpreter (Arabic) with 13 years of combined specialized MIL, LEO and Fed Gov Security/Intel Contracting Experience. SOCOM Linguist/Cultural Advisor. Counter Terrorism Subject Matter Expert. Gang Intel background. I provide Executive Protection for US intelligence assets, politicians, Royal Family members, CEOs and celebrities. I’m Involved in Anti child trafficking. Recognized by the White House and staff for supervising a completed mission of transporting 1500 trafficked children back to safety (2021, references/letter available). I have contracted with almost every federal/intel agency out there by the time I was 31 (FBI, USMS, ICE, CIA and DOD). Credentials and references available.
I’ve been to over 10 different countries and almost all 50 states. I speak and understand all dialects of Arabic. I started my career at a very young age thus giving me an advantage over the most of my peers. I also graduated high school the youngest of my class at the age of 16. I have been fortunate enough to work in various fields from intel behind a desk to operational field work. I was a major US asset in the war on ISIS in the Middle East and was responsible for providing actionable intelligence and worked as an SME on a counter terrorism project in 2017-18 in the Anti online terrorism war on FTO’s. I was responsible for foiling a domestic terror plot (which the FBI took credit for) & prevented FTO’s from recruiting American citizens.
After my contracting career is over, I plan on publishing my book titled “Joey, The Palestinian refugee: from US Army dropout to Federal Government contractor”
I possess a BS in Criminal Justice with a focus on Homeland Security/Counter terrorism from the University of Houston Victoria. I plan on obtaining my Masters Degree.
Detailed resume with references provided upon request.
Si vis pacem para bellum.




18 years of tactical law enforcement experience as an operator and a supervisor in SWAT, Counter Terrorism Assault, Sniper, Executive Protection, etc. Also hold bachelor degrees in Forensic Psychology and International Politics from the Virginia Military Institute where I held the rank of 2Lt in the USMC.



Lead Agent/Client Acquisition/Operations Manager

Agent has 14 years of extensive experience in combat/security operations to include direct action/ and low profile security. Us Ambassador Protection Detail. United States Marine infantry squad leader multiple combat tours.Conducting low profile operations involving three letter agencies in the Middle East, as well as combat marksman instructor. Executive Protection agent Team Lead -Texas Divison of Emergency Management. Oga/NSD Agent -Afghanistan/Iraq/ Israel Dos contractor -Afghanistan/Iraq Executive Protection Team leader NYC high net worth IndividualRan security company in NYC. Cpr/Aed certified




Michael is an energetic, hardworking, and dependable professional who has a proven track record of 20 years in the US military. [Insert name here] has spent over 5 years contracting for the US State Department, where he was granted the privilege to train over 2000 American and foreign national soldiers.

Michael is a native of [insert place]. He enlisted in the United States Army on [insert date], and after completing his training, he earned the rank of [insert rank] before being selected for officer training school. Michael was assigned to the [battalion], [regiment], [location], where he served for over 15 years in various units and leadership capacities before transitioning to the role of army instructor. Being in excellent physical and mental shape and with proven combat and survival skills, Michael applied to take the Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) after meeting the Department of Defense instructor requirements.

Some of his duties as an army instructor were, ensuring that students met the required prerequisites before taking classes, developing, updating, and maintaining course materials, grading exams, coordinating classroom and logistical requirements, overseeing both field and classroom instruction, and documenting every aspect of each student’s performance.Basically, to oversee the execution of the command’s operations, training plans and policies. One of his tasks also included evaluating mission essential task lists of subordinate organizations to ensure their conformity with the headquarters’intent and guidance. 

Well-versed in the finer points of military strategy, history and philosophy, Michael brings invaluable experience and knowledge to the learning process as the Director of Training for Stratigos Dynamics. Michael has years of experience teaching military cadets advanced concepts in force utilization, geopolitical concerns and multinational operations, which makes him ideal as the Director of Training.

Michael believes in giving back to the community and the country, which is why he actively takes part in disaster relief in any kind of natural disaster, depending on where and when it’s happening. He also volunteers at local charities from time to time.




is a full time Texas Peace Officer having served 16 years and is currently operational with a  District Tactical Unit. Responsibilities include locating and apprehension of high risk/ high profile  targets such as murder and aggravated assault suspects.. This Unit works alongside the US Marshals Violent Offenders Task Force as well as SWAT, Violent Crimes Units. During the course of his career he has had the opportunity to work in dignitary protection for political officials while visiting the Houston area as well as other political officials and business executives as part of his Law Enforcement duty assignment as well as the private sector.




Active Duty Infantry Regiment Army Soldier stationed in the middle of nowhere. Trained in multiple Weapons’ systems. Holds a Blue belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu . Under Professor(6 degree Black belt)Alex Soca. Former Private Investigator with a demonstrated history of working in the Security & Investigations industry. Skilled in surveillance, workers compensations claims, and supervision, and as well as management. Strong arts and sciences professional, and attended SUNY Farmingdale State College




born in Kasachstan. 12 years prof. army paratrooper Bataillon of German SOF. Deployment for 9 month to Kunduz. After that was in Iraq. CPO for Saudian Embassy in Baghdad. Then self-employed with my own security company. Worked for HNIV in Germany, Swiss and Austria. Then worked for a Security Company in Switzerland. Also served in Ukrain against Russia.




Served 8 years with the British Army as a sniper. Deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Hostile environment consultant to global media teams during the first months of the Ukrainian conflict. Currently working in EP for UHNW and celebrity clients in Europe and Asia.



co founder




23 year Military Veteran Army/Navy,Deployed to combat operations in Jordan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan,  and Haiti.Recipients 2 Bronze Star medals with "V" for Valor as well as Purple Heart medal for wounds received in direct combat.Worked as Sniper Platoon SGT.Army Sniper as well as Combat diver qualified.5 year LEO with the Metropolitan Police Department Washington DC serving on the regional gang task force and DC Sniper task force, and being federally read in During the 9-11 attacks on the pentagon. 4 year Texas LEO with the Harris County Sheriffs office, oldest applicant to complete SWAT qualifications. Qualified as Swat Medic through FLETC.Completed waterborne SWAT Certification.




8 years active and reserve army, OIF and OEF deployments doing infantry and counter IED operations. NREMT Paramedic, tactical medical and cpr/ first aid instructor. Certified in SSD, CSS and CPS.



Agent/operations manager/client acquisition

I am a recently retired Green Beret out of Fort Bragg, NC. I spent 4 years in military intelligence and 16.5 years as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant. 5.5 years were spent as a Cell Leader on an assault team with breaching being my focus. I spent time in C/1/10 and B/2/3. I also spent time as a SFARTAETC instructor when I was in SWTG. I have 3 combat deployments and approximately 25 non-combat deployments. I am qualified in SFARTAETC, SFSC, and SPBC.




Based out of South Carolina. Former US Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman. Over a decade in Law Enforcement as a federal police officer, patrol officer, drug interdiction officer, narcotics officer and member of SWAT/Bloodhound Tracking teams. Licensed PI in South Carolina and North Carolina. Certified in multiple disciplines and proficient on a multitude of weapons platforms.




Highly skilled and adaptable security professional with a diverse background in security operations, emergency response, and personal protection . Offering proven leadership, problem-solving, and strategic thinking abilities, with a commitment to ensuring the safety and security of personnel and assets.
Summary of Qualifications:-Navy veteran, and expeditionary warfare specialist -11+ years stateside and international contracting and security operations both high threat and static details.-Extensive experience in managing security operations in high-risk environments.-Strong leadership skills, with a track record of effectively leading teams and coordinating with diverse individuals to achieve mission objectives.-Proven ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and make sound decisions under pressure.-Excellent problem-solving and strategic thinking abilities, with a focus on finding effective solutions to complex challenges.-Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to communicate clearly and concisely to diverse audiences.-Solid understanding of security protocols, risk assessment, and threat mitigation strategies.-Demonstrated resilience and ability to cope with stress in challenging situations.




Based out of Tampa FL .Served in the US Army from 2015-2018 as a gunner before promoted to team supervisor in the 19th engineer battalion. After the military  transitioned into the private security field providing force protection overseas for Constellis (formerly blackwater) 




Chris is the team lead for the ExecutiveProtection team at Olympus Consulting Group, a PrivateSecurity and Private Investigative company. Chris is aresults-driven and highly committed securityprofessional with hands on experience in investigativeand security operations, situational awareness,surveillance, crisis management, risk assessment,operation management, force protection, and closeprotection. He is adept in leading complex military andsecurity operations while ensuring the continuousdevelopment and tactical growth of his team. Chris is trained in the use ofmultiple light and heavy weapon systems, force protection measures,surveillance, emergency vehicle operations course, counter surveillance, activeshooter response, close quarter battle, and advanced casualty training built onthe National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) and theUnited States Marine Corps (USMC) Tactical Emergency Combat Care (TECC)and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses. Chris has spent the lasttwo years developing as a security and executive protection professional,graduating from California’s reputable Pacific West Academy with the secondoverall class GPA. Before that he spent five years in the military as an InfantrySquad Leader, where he made multiple deployments and led operations duringthe extraction of Somalia in 2020. Chris is currently getting ready to become a certified k9 handler/instructor with American K9 Interdiction.


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